Hours of Operation

March to Christmas
9:00am to 5:00pm
9:00am to 9:00pm
Covent Garden Market
8:00am to 1:00pm
(May to Christmas)

Or by Appointment
*It is advisable to call ahead to make sure someone is there.

Ph. (519) 765-3467
Cell. (519) 200-2441

1) This is a small-scale, family-run operation which is sustainable, and carbon-negative.
2) The farm is transitional-organic an emphasis on environmentally- friendly practices such as limited reliance on fossil fuels.
3) Organic fertilizer sources are used, not commercial fertilizers.
4) Restricted use of water i.e. drip-lines,micro-irrigation, mulching.
5) Large-scale composting of municipal organic waste. i.e.leaves,grass clippings and mulch.
6) Recycling of egg cartons, bags, nursery pots and trays etc.
7) Animals are raised humanely and drug and chemical-free, allowed to free-range with food from natural sources.
8) Alternate forms of energy are used such as solar, wind, wood heat.
9) The farm has an Ontario Environmental Farm Plan and has undergone numerous environmental upgrades.
10) Member of Ecological Farmers of Ontario, Carolinian Canada.
11) Growers of native and Carolinian plants, all from locally-collected seed.
12) Farming practices are small-scale, using minimal large equipment.
13) Farming is conducted under sound,sustainable, environmentally-friendly ways including crop-rotation, cover-crops and mulching.
14) Involved with local school programs i.e. Work Intern-ship,Co-Op education and Job Connect.
15) All proceeds go directly to the farm and family.
16) Employees are local and are paid a fair wage.